“There is nothing more important to a democracy, than a well informed electorate”


This site was created with this vitally important quote in mind. I endeavor to highlight just how important politics is to our daily lives, increase understanding of our political system, and hopefully make you a more likely and savvy voter.


How to use this site

This site aims to explain the workings of the UK Political system in some detail, but in such a way to ensure that it’s comprehensible. To help with this, the site breaks down UK Politics into a number of key sections which compose the tabs in the blue bar at the top of the page.

If this is your first introduction to British Politics I would advise you to start on the ‘UK Politics’ page which goes through the basics, an overview, and some key unique features of the UK Political system. The paragraph titled ‘Overview’ will however seem very complicated and daunting. But not to worry. This is a very quick summary of how British Politics works. I would recommend reading this paragraph quickly but not taking too much time trying to understand all the new words or concepts. The other pages on the website segment this paragraph into the individual components and explain in a more thorough manner. By going through each individual section you should also begin to see how each aspect of UK Politics works, and how they fit together in the political system.

Finally, I hope that you enjoy using this website and find it an easy and enjoyable way to learn about our very own special and unique political system. I would love to receive any feedback on this site and am always open to constructive criticisms. Please feel free to comment below or email me with the link provided on the right hand side.

Happy Learning!

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